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How Smart Are Dolphins? With Dr. Lori Marino

  Welcome to the All Things Wild Podcast, where we talk about wildlife across our beautiful planet through conversations with experts and nature lovers alike! Today we are joined...

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Wolf Livestock Conflict With Avery Shawler

  Today’s episode sees us welcome researcher Avery Shawler to talk about her work studying wolves and livestock, the interesting area of the conflict between these two groups, and...

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A Dolphin May Save Your Life With Maddalena Bearzi

Dolphins are hyper-intelligent animals. They are highly adaptable, can use tools, understand language, pass down traditions from one generation to the next, and are capable of self-recognition. These are...

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Exploring our planet’s wildlife through genuine conversations with scientists, conservationists, nature lovers, and individuals who have had profound experiences with wild animals. Topics will include, but are not limited too, animal intelligence, behavior, ecology, conservation, ecotourism, wildlife viewing, survival, evolution, disease, genetics, and adventure. Join us!


About the Host

Martin Kitto

Currently feeding a lifelong addiction to wildlife. Dedicated to consuming as much content regarding our planet’s wildlife as possible, tracking down the individuals behind this content, and sharing my conversations with them. Hoping you enjoy this journey as much as I am.