Killer Whales

The Keiko Project

Robert Mendez is the producer and director of the Keiko Project, a documentary film currently in production that tells the full story of the real killer whale (Keiko) who starred in the block buster hit movie Free Willy. We discuss Keiko’s capture in Iceland, his years of suffering in the deplorable conditions of a marine…

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The Orca Whisperer (with Pierre Robert de Latour)

Today’s guest is Pierre Robert de Latour. He is the founder and president of the Under Water Soft Encounter Alliance (USEA), the president of Orques Sans Frontières, and author of the best seller “Frère des orques” (Glénat Edition). Pierre Robert De Latour is internationally known as “The Orca Whisperer” and has more than 6,200 dives with orcas! USEA also participates in scientific…

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A Bunch of Letters May Make the Difference The southern resident Orcas of the Pacific northwest need our help. This iconic and unique population of killer whales had their numbers drastically reduce in the 1960s and 1970s due to capture for marine parks. Marine parks have made an incredible amount of money from these captures,…

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