Marine Biology

Our Changing Ocean (with Alexa Fredston)

Alexa Fredston is a quantitative ecologist who gained her BA from Princeton University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and her PhD from University of California, Santa Barbara. She is currently a postdoc at Rutgers University where she studies how human activities alter biogeographic patterns and ecological processes. Her research has specifically investigated how fast species…

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The Blackfish (with Robin Baird)

Show Notes Open ocean species of dolphins and whales are some of the most poorly known mammals on our planet. The vastness of the ocean prevents much research from occurring. In Hawai’i, however, due to unique environmental factors, a team of scientists from the Cascadia Research Collective have accumulated the most knowledge of many of…

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A Dolphin May Save Your Life With Maddalena Bearzi

Dolphins are hyper-intelligent animals. They are highly adaptable, can use tools, understand language, pass down traditions from one generation to the next, and are capable of self-recognition. These are just a few of the traits of the fascinating creatures that today’s guest, Maddalena Bearzi, has dedicated her life to studying and protecting. Maddalena has a…

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