The Orca Whisperer (with Pierre Robert de Latour)

Today’s guest is Pierre Robert de Latour. He is the founder and president of the Under Water Soft Encounter Alliance (USEA), the president of Orques Sans Frontières, and author of the best seller “Frère des orques” (Glénat Edition). Pierre Robert De Latour is internationally known as “The Orca Whisperer” and has more than 6,200 dives with orcas! USEA also participates in scientific…

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Wild Stories

Rough toothed dolphin encounter with Michael DK The new segment for the All Things Wild podcast will feature cool and interesting encounters people have had with wildlife. Anyone is welcome to participate, reach out to me on the contact us form or Instagram and Facebook (links below). There is no better way to start out…

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A Dolphin May Save Your Life With Maddalena Bearzi

Dolphins are hyper-intelligent animals. They are highly adaptable, can use tools, understand language, pass down traditions from one generation to the next, and are capable of self-recognition. These are just a few of the traits of the fascinating creatures that today’s guest, Maddalena Bearzi, has dedicated her life to studying and protecting. Maddalena has a…

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